CSO Network members

CSO Network consists of 66 Civil Society Organizations. Following is the list of the member organizations and some information of them.(in alphabetical order)

Changwon City Council for Nature Conservation l 자연보호창원시지역협의회
Contact :  sukem17@hanmail.net 

Changwon Education From one's Environment Center l 창원환경교육센터
Contact : jdh5328@hanmail.net
Website : http://cafe.daum.net/ditodchk
ChangwonYWCA 창원YWCA
Contact : greenyhs@hanmail.net
Website : http://www.cwymca.or.kr
The YWCA is the oldest and largest multi-cultural women's organization in the world. We have a thousand members and volunteers in Changwon YWCA. We provide safe places for women and children, build strong women leaders, and advocate for women's rights and civil rights in society.
Changwon YWCA l 창원 YWCA
Contact : chwnywca@naver.com
Website : www.cwywca.or.kr
Eco-Friendly National Movements Center l 사단법인 친환경실천국민운동본부
Contact : anakarra@naver.com
Eco-Friendly National Movements Center aims to Preserving the environment by conducting the eco-friendly movement and to establish the eco-friendly society in which the nature and the human co-exist.
Ecopeace Asia l 에코피스아시아
Contact : zskmc@hanmail.net
Website: www.ecopeaceasia.org
The  "Ecopeace Asia," has been working for making Asia more eco-friendly since 2003. EcoPeace Asia aims to promote 1) Increased participation of citizens, of each country with numerous volunteer programs, 2) More effective collaboration among Asian countries to achieve our vision of peaceful coexistence as a single community. As a first step we have identified three areas, which are listed below, that must be tackled: 
- Planting grass and building green barriers to stop desertification in China, Mongolia, and Central Asia. 
- Restoring Mangrove forests in coastal areas extending from the Southern coast of China to the Red Sea of the Middle East. 
- Accelerated dissemination of renewable energy technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to prevent climate change in Asia.
We plan to tackle the three areas by research, education and public relations programs by collaborating with government of Asian countries, societies, and academia. 
Environment Action Association l 환경실천연합회
Contact : 0118560111@hanmail.net
Website : http://www.ecolink.or.kr/
Environment Action Association (EAA) takes the lead in solving the environmental issues such as global warming, climate change, antidesertification, etc through various activities and campaigns in the fields of policy making, avocation, and developing environmental technology with the idea that environmental preservation is no longer concern but responsibility.

Evergreen One Korea l 하나됨을 위한 늘 푸른 삼천
Contact : songmh2000@hanmail.net
Website : http://cafe.daum.net/hana3000
Evergreen One Korea is NPO which aims to vitalize the private interchange between South and North Korea. Since its establishment in June 2007, Evergreen One Korea has been running the reforestation projects in North Korea.
- Sent 500,000 larch trees and 150 poplars to Gaepung tree nursery in Gaesung and Baekdu Mountain in 2007
- Established a 10ha-sized tree nursery in Sangwon region, Hwanghae province in 2008. There were more than 100million seedlings growing in May 2009.
- Has Runned a South-North medical cooperation project regarding the support toward Pyeongyang No.1 People's hospital since 2009.
Forest for Life l 생명의숲
Contact : forestfl@naver.com
Future Forest l 미래숲
Contact : leesunggil@gmail.com
Website : http://www.futureforest.org/
Future Forest is a civil society organization that aims to save the Earth through sustainable land management and youth development programs.
Future Gyeongnam l 경상남도 대학생희망센터 미래경남
Contact : bawoo666@hanmail.net
Gimhae YWCA l 김해YMCA
Contact : 
Green Asia Network l 푸른아시아
Contact : greenasia@greeasia.kr
Website : http://www.greenasia.kr/eng/main.htm
Green Asia Network(GAN) is dedicated to fight against Climate Change globally. Its main projects are currently focused on the continent of Asia, especially in Mongolia. GAN is building the sustainable development model in Mogolia. There's severe desertification in progress in Mongolia. which harms both the environment and the lives there including people. GAN plant trees for land rehabilitating, windbreaking, eating(fruit), and making benefits for locals there, and try to maximize the local participation in the project. On afforestation site, thre's the projects on cultivation and solar energy system going on as well. On the current stage GAN educate and employ them, and finally aim to let them lead the work.
Green Cross Korea l 그린크로스 코리아
Contact : leejs@gck.kr
Website : http://www.gck.kr/
Green Cross is an International Environmental NGO that founded by Mr. Mikhail Gorbachev, and has Global Networks in 31 countries in the World, and working for the Global Environment & Humanity, as a General Consultative Status with UN, UNESCO and UNFCCC.
Green Future l 녹색미래
Contact : greenfuture@korea.com
Green Gyeongnam21 Council 녹색경남21추진협의회
Contact : greengn21@paran.com
Website : http://gn21.co.kr/
Green Gyeongnam21 Council conducts the environmental conservation policy of Gyeongnam province in a planned, comprehensive manner and manages and preserves the environment by determining the basic ideology regarding of Gyeongnam province, the resposibility of the regional government, business sector and the citizen and the basic rule of environmental conservation. Established under Gyeongnam Environment Act, Green Gyeongnam21 Council is the private-public cooperational organization for fostering Green Gyeongnam 21 which was set for the sustainable development of Gyeongnam province.
Green Nae Seo People l 푸른내서주민회
Contact : http://www.nsjumin.co.kr/
Website : big-yh@hanmail.net
Green Nae Seo People which is a community of the local in Nae Seo region, was established in October, 1998 for betterment of Nae Seo. Green Nae Seo People is a community-driven organization which becomes the venue for research and action in regard to transportation, culture, environment and social welfare, which contribute to improvement of quality of local life. We make the efforts to make the local community that all the locals can join, therefore to realize the local autonomy.
Gyeongnam Disabled Peoples' Association l ()경남장애인연맹
Contact : kndpi@yahoo.co.kr
Gyeongnam Environment Combination of Association (GNEA) l 사단법인 경남환경연합
Contact : yeong7889@hanmail.net
Website : http://www.gnea.kr/
GNEA is environmental organization which is oriented to voluntary civil movement. We plan to do the various activities such as substantial environmental research and environmental cleanup, underwater environment research, etc to contribute to environment conservation.
Gyeongnam Environment & Education Culture Center l 경남환경교육문화센터
Contact : woopolee@chol.com
Website : http://eecc.or.kr/
Gyeongnam Environment & Education Culture Center is conducting the environmental movement and the eco education such as city forest education, wetland education, Korean-Japanese children wetland exchange program, and wetland migratory bird monitering, etc.
Gyeongnam Grassroot Environmental Education & Information Center l 경남풀뿌리환경교육정보센터
Contact : ds5dce@chollian.net
Gyeongnam Solidarity for Safe School meal l 안전한학교급식을위한경남연대
Contact : jinbo2020@hanmail.net
Gyeongnam Water Expo l 경남물엑스포
Contact : water@kyungnam.ac.kr
Gyeongnam Volunteer Center l 경상남도자원봉사센터
Contact : vtcordi@hanmail.net
Gyeongnam Volunteer Council l 경상남도자원봉사협의회
Contact : sdy310@hanmail.net
Gyeongsangnamdo Ramsar Environmental Foundation(GREF) l 경상남도람사르환경재단
Contact : jinpd21@hanmail.net
Website : http://www.gref.or.kr/
With confidence obtained from a successful 10th Ramsar COP in 2008, our foundation was established to develop a wetlands policy which harmonizes a sustainable application with preservation, works to increase awareness, and to revitalize the regional economy by reviving eco- tourism in the area. The main goals of the foundation are;
- To Create an Advanced Wetlands Policy
- To Increase Awareness of Wetlands and
- To Develop Domestic and Foreign Networks
Health medical volunteer team of health research center at Masan University(MU) l 마산대학교 보건과학연구소 보건의료 봉사단
Contact :
Website : http://www.masan.ac.kr/
60 years ago, Masan University had established the Masan area of Kyung-Nam, Korea. 10 years ago, Health science research center of MU had established in main center of camus. Recently, Health medical volunteer team had composed within inner campus and team members have department of nursing, optometry, hygiene, beauty, rehabilitation, clinical pathology, massage , and etc.
The subjects of health medical service have the elder, young children, disorder, and infant of low economy of Korea society. Our volunteer service had include the foot massage, skin beauty, body nursing, vision test, eyeglass washing, and etc. Also we have 5 times service per month, and sometimes have a special lecture for elder.
On the other hand, we have co-worked with another institute. In the future, we can health medical service for all people of our society.
Institute of Yellow Dust & Combating Desertification 황사사막화방지연구소
Contact :
Researchs on selection of tree species and cultivates human resources for combating desertification.
- Grasps the global trends by actively participating in the global meeting such as UNCCD COP.
- Participates in the anti-desertification projects to contribute to combating desertification in North-east Asia.
Jinhae YWCA l 진해YWCA
Contact :

Jinju YMCA l 진주YMCA
Contact : ymca6244@hanmail.net
Korea Ecology & Environment Institute l ()한국생태환경연구소
Contact : keei2010@hanmail.net 
Korea Environmental Movements Headquaters, Gyeongnam Association l ()한국환경운동본부경남연맹
Contact : khi2525@hanmail.net
Korea Environment Protection Nation Solidarity l )한국환경보호국민연대 경남지회
Contact :
Korea Environment Youth Gyeongnam Headquaters l ()한국환경청소년경남본부
Contact : youth0050@Nate.com
Korea Federation for Environmental Movements in Jinju l 진주환경운동연합
Contact : jinju@kfem.or.kr

Korea Federation for Environmental Movements in Masan Changfwon Jinhae l 마창진환경운동연합
Contact : mach@kfem.or.kr
Korea Federation for Environmental Movements in Sacheon l 사천환경운동연합
Contact : jin12252002@hanmail.net
Korea Freedom Federation l 한국자유총연맹
Contact : worldpeace747@gmail.com
Korean Society for Atmospheric Environment l 한국대기환경학회
Contact : kosae@kosae.or.kr
Korean Solidarity for Environment Conservation, Changnyeong Branch l ()한국환경보호국민연대 창녕군지회
Contact : hkbh6204@naver.com

Korea women peasants Association Gyeognam Province l 전국여성농민회 총연합 남연합
Contact : scoolw@hanmail.net
Website : http://www.kwpa.org/
Korea women peasants Association Gyeognam Province is the national organization which women peasants established on their own, to increase the women peasants' rights and interests and improve the quality of life. In this age of food crisis, Korea women peasants Association Gyeongam Province is making an effort to protect the food security by conducting indigenous seed preserving movement and anti-GMO action, etc. There are 4 active regional groups, of 6 registered in Gyeongnam Province in Korea women peasants Association Gyeognam Province
Kyoungsangnamdo Council for Conservation of Nature l 자연보호경상남도협의회
Contact : ksl1243@hanmail.net
Kyungnam Forest for Life l ()경남생명의숲국민운동
Contact : gnforest@empal.com
Kyung-Nam Movement for One Corea l 우리겨레하나되기경남운동본부
Contact : gnhana@hanmail.net
Local Sustainability Alliance of Korea l 전국지속가능발전협의회
Contact : jms4679@hanmail.net
Love Nature l 자연사랑모임
Contact : sooil7474@feelgn.net
Masan YMCA l 마산 YMCA
Contact : yoonymca@korea.com
Masan YWCA l 마산 YWCA
Contact : msywca@paran.com
National Peasants' Federation, Busan-Gyeongnam Branch. l 전국농민회연맹 부산경남연맹
Contact : knnongmin@hanmail.net
National Solidarity for Autonomous Decentralization l 자치분권전국연대
Contact : leekydong@hanmail.net
Nature Conservation Federation Council of Goseong district, Gyeongnam l 자연보호중앙연맹 경상남도고성군협의회
Contact : wkdus9393@hanmail.net
Northeast Asian Forest Forum l 동북아산림포럼
Contact : forester75@empal.com
Saving Jinhae Bay Nature Conservation Environment Observer l 진해만살리기자연보호환경감시단
Contact : 82-10-9061-4103
The Forest Interpreters' Association of Busan-Gyeongnam l ()부경숲해설가협회
Contact : goodsjm2001@yahoo.co.kr
The Forest Interpreters' Association of Gyeongbuk l ()경북숲해설가협회
Contact :  kbf2739@hanmail.net
The Forest Interpreters' of Association of Korea l 한국숲해설가협회
Contact : foresto123@hanmail.net
Website : http://www.foresto.org/
There are 1,580 forest interpretation activity members in 6 branch in whole country.
We have motto of "Forest to me, I to forest" and do various activity.
1) The forest interpreter candidate training and capacity strengthening education, information interchange
2) Forest interpretation education of infant, child, teenagers and citizen target
3) Development of forest interpretation program such as forest school, urban forest program, forest therapy program, forest kindergarten program and operation
4) Various research and investigation for forest interpretation program promotion
5) Connection books publication, supply
6) Activity join with the several institution
The Global Call to Action Against Poverty, Korea l 지구촌빈곤퇴치시민네트워크
Contact : sjhymca@hotmail.com
The Korean Association for Swampy Land Protection l ()한국습지보호협회
Contact : adman777@paran.com
The Korean Teachers & Education Workers' Union, Gyeongnam Branch l 전교조 경남지부
Contact : cjwloll@daum.net
The National Nature Trust l 자연환경국민신탁
Contact : doctorchun@naver.com
Tongyeong-Geoje Federation for Environmental Movements l 통영거제환경운동연합
Contact : simplezi@kfem.or.kr
Tongyeong YMCA l 통영YMCA
Contact : ffjjo@hanmail.net